Supported Countries

220+ global destinations, as well as 135+ global currencies.

Supported Countries

Prolancer has partnered with some of the top global payments service providers, in order to provide our users with an inclusive and secure financial gateway system.

Our clients as well as the prolancers can use these services in order to make and receive 3D Secure payments(*), through their secure Escrow accounts.

We currently support payments made to or from 220+ global destinations, as well as 135+ global currencies. This includes payments made using VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and PayPal.

For Withdrawals, Prolancer proceeds payments to local Bank transfers and nominated PayPal accounts.

Prolancer’s global coverage for Payments and Withdrawals:

Supported Countries Image

There are a limited number of destinations which are currently not supported for our service payments for Hiring Employees and Contractors. Please refer to our Eligibility Rules and Restrictions for more details.

A full list of supported countries and destinations can be viewed here. Please note that Prolancer cannot support users based outside of these locations.

To find our more about our Payment Processing and Withdrawals charges, please click here. If you have any queries regarding payments and/or your Escrow account, please contact our Customer Support Team.

* Please note, from September 2019 all transactions made to, or from destinations in Europe must go through the 3D Secure (3DS) process. The 3DS process provides an additional security layer for online credit and debit card transactions, allowing customers to authenticate their payments with their Issuing Bank in real time.

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