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A rapidly-growing company based in London that offers its employees great pay, stock options, extensive code review, CI, comprehensive testing and opportunity to drive the direction of the project.

The Company is building tools and interfaces to derive valuable insights from road traffic data. They provide smart, hyper-local data for smart cities and intelligent transport systems.

The Position:

Looking for Full-Stack Developer. The company is paying premium market rate for this job.

•   Company offers equity options, extremely flexible working policies
•   Learn to code better through the support of extensive code review, CI and comprehensive testing
•   Meet with end users and drive the direction of the project
•   Opportunity to shape the future of a rapidly-growing startup


•   Have 5+ years of commercial software development experience
•   Experience in Front-End/Back-end Development,  JavaScript, Node.js, React.js
•   Enjoy learning and picking up new technologies, frameworks and skills.


Build key products that get actively used by external clients. Such as elegant dashboards that interrogate sensor data through to creating the interfaces for clients to interact with ML prediction modules provided by our research team.


The location: 

Fully remote job. The hiring company is based in London, UK.

Why should you apply?
•   Top industry pay
•   Great benefits
•   Remote location
•   Opportunities for on-the-job training

Skills required for this job:
Front-End Development Node.Js React
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Prolancer A
  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type Hourly Price
  • Location Anywhere

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