Software Design Engineer - Vision and AI

Shanghai, China Middle Level

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The company is one of the World’s leading technology companies, develops and licenses innovative and market-driving semiconductor intellectual property (IP) cores for systems-on-chip (SoC).

Their technologies feature in many of the world’s most exciting products, from the latest smartphones, tablets and consumer products to the future wireless home, connected AI enabled cars, as well as connectivity communications and beyond.

The Position: Software Design Engineer - A core contributor and collaborative, you will partner with hardware, research and customer engineers across all stages of development including requirements gathering, design, development and support.


•   Experience in software development, over the complete development cycle (from requirements capture to implementation)

•   Solid C++ programming experience

•   A good understanding of object orientated design

•   Knowledge of Machine learning techniques and tools e.g. OpenCL, Tensorflow, Caffe

•   Python programming skills

•   Knowledge of Linux

•   Knowledge of Embedded systems

•   A tenacious and pragmatic approach

•   Passion for technology, keeping up to date with latest developments and personal projects

•   A good degree or experience in a related area; computing, engineering, maths, science



•   Create software that enables customers to make best use of NNA hardware, and see it finally being turned into silicon e.g. Mapping, debugging and performance tools

•   Specify, design and implement libraries and applications for Imagination AI solutions e.g. API abstraction libraries

•   Help our customers make the best use of our solutions in their platforms e.g. dealing with performance, technical and product requests, solution updates, etc.

•   Become familiar with several software components, and gain ownership of some of the important ones e.g. from application through to drivers

•   Use your initiative to improve both the development environment and the software

•   Join some pre-sale and evaluation activities


The Location: The role is based in Shanghai. China. The role will be on-site, with some flexibility with remote working

Why Should You Apply?

•   Top industry pay

•   Diverse and vibrant team

•   Clear and challenging goals - Collaborate, celebrate success and have the opportunity to learn from each other every day.

•   Based in one of the best workspaces in the country

Skills required for this job:
Linux Machine Learning Neural Networks Python
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  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type £££ - COMPETITIVE
  • Location Shanghai, Chin ..

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