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Web development

Anywhere Middle Level 2 months ago
Fixed Price

I need someone open minded, that can understand my project (- system of saving data from 14 users, and displaying all the data to admin in special view page.)
that someone needs to be able to make the edit\view page look perfect while keeping the current saving functionality.

My project-
*user and password on chat - screenshots attached in .zip
I like all the inner pages current design in my project.
I want you to fix the edit page, its used for 14 users, each user updates data in "tab" section,
Notice that the page has 14 "tabs" while the first btn opens all the tabs.- in new design there is option to keep the tab closed at default...

Page to update design:

I have started to update design here - you can use it

I need the page to look more like reference(like I started to do) but with my fields and data, perfect and responsive, Also prettify the header + menus etc...

The new page should have the same functionality as on current page (some multipul columns, saves the data etc..)
Also the tasks + note + file upload needs some design fixing, you may use the current code in ttt=1 but be sure its only 1\3 of the fields, without the special fields (date, duplicate columns etc...)
You can view the reference website by this link -

Skills required for this job:
Laravel PHP

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Mario K Fri, Apr 03, 2020
What is the platform ? php or .net?

Torsten B
  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration Few weeks
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type Fixed Price
  • Location Anywhere

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