Web developer

Anywhere Senior Level 1 week ago
Fixed Price

I want build my wedsite. I am a manufacturer of products like bag, conference bag, etc. I have domain and hosting but no time to design.

Skills required for this job:
CMS CSS Design Html PHP

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Mario K Thu, Mar 26, 2020
Did you choose the freelancer yet ? If not, I am available

Átila L Sun, Mar 22, 2020
Hi, Do you have all of materials? - Logo - Banners - Pictures - Texts Do you already know what you want in your website? If yes, please let me know. I'll send a proposal. Have a good weekend!
do you have skype account? live:.cid.e5852ba1dd3673cc This is my skype id

Jan K
  • Experience Senior Level
  • Duration 1-3 months
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type Fixed Price
  • Location Anywhere

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