WebGL developers with experience in Maps 3D models, React & WebGL ( ex: Three.js )

Anywhere Middle Level 2 weeks ago

Looking for a full stack developer experienced in GIS APIs, Maps, React.js(or Vue.js) and WebGL libraries such as Three.js, Babaylon).
Main goal is to visualize/manage/load/store 3D assets (city data) in various JSON and XML format.
Please describe your experience in GIS< React, WebGL.

Details will be shared through interview.
Git repository and tools  will be provided for development.
Timing and budget on this project is negotiable.

Skills required for this job:
React Gis Google maps Json React native Webgl XML

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Vitaly G Wed, Mar 11, 2020
Hi Ramaz I'd like to know more about the details. I have more than enough experience with WebGL and React, Google map customization. Let me know please. Meanwhile, I am new to the platfor

Ramaz C
  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 1-3 months
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type Hourly Price
  • Location Anywhere

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