Address Matching using Elasticsearch

Anywhere Senior Level 3 weeks ago
Fixed Price

We require an application to match Partial Addresses to Full Official Postal Addresses using Elasticsearch.

Skills required for this job:
Elasticsearch Data analysis Data analytics Data engineering Data Optimisation Data Science

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Alain N Thu, Mar 05, 2020
Hello H N, I will like to know if you have any specifics for the role. I believe the details on the job skills, I have the skills but will like to know further, you can send me a direct me
Sure What would you like to know
Looking at your expertise, I can't see Elasticsearch anywhere. This job requires you to be an expert in Easticsearch. Does the job description not make this clear?

  • Experience Senior Level
  • Duration Few days
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type Fixed Price
  • Location Anywhere

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