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We are a customer-focused business, concentrating on AR experiences for both online and offline communities; and we’re looking for new developers to join our team.

We would like a C# developer with 5+ years of experience to join our team to help us develop our next-gen software for our new AR devices. 

Most of our projects also involve extensive use of JavaScript; so knowledge and experience of JavaScript is also essential for this role.

You will work with a team of 20 other developers, all of whom are also working on fully or semi-remote-basis; so you must possess amazing team-working skills. 

A great command of English languages and excellent communication skills are also essential, as you will be liaising with both the developer team and the executive management on a daily basis.

Our requirements for this job are:

  • A great knowledge of experience of PHP, React, JavaScript, C# & Unity

  • Previous experience working with Microsoft Azure (preferable)

  • BSc or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related degree

  • Willingness and ability to travel to our offices in Kent, United Kingdom a few days out of the week


In return, we offer opportunities such as

  • A competitive salary

  • Training and development programmes you can participate in

  • Flexible work hours

  • Potential candidacy for longer-term projects (upon completion & review of this project)

Skills required for this job:
Artificial Intelligence Azure C# PHP React Unity3d
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Prolancer A
  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type £££ - COMPETITIVE
  • Location Kent

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