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I am looking to develop a new GPS application for rivers and canals in London and South East UK. The app will be similar to other GPS apps but with much more accuracy and more details about the overall time of travel and traffic. The app will be used by people living or vacationing in boats in the SouthEast region of the UK (and specially, London). 

The ideal candidate will have a great knowledge and proven experience of iOS & Android App development and experience of working with Swift, Objective-C, Go and JavaScript languages. Knowledge and experience of Html5 and CSS3 would be a plus. 

 I would prefer working with someone with previous experience working as a freelance App developer.

Skills required for this job:
Android Go Objective C Swift
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  • Experience Entry Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type Fixed Price
  • Location Anywhere

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