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I am looking for an experienced Data Analyst/Scientist who can help me with my project.

You will assist me in reading and translating various data forms such as text, graph, images, etc. and will help me in categorizing data in various groups for later analysis.

You must have a degree in Data Science/Analysis with previous experience working with data (3+ years).

You must also be proficient in Python language.

This position is for a project based at the University of Cardiff in collaboration with variou European and North American based Universities and Research Institutions. The data you will work with is highly sensitive and a full DBS check is a requirement for this job.

This is a semi-remote, full-time position, and you will be required to attend the analytics lab at the Cardiff University for at least three days out of the week. 

Skills required for this job:
Big Data Data Analysis Python
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  • Experience Entry Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type £££ - COMPETITIVE
  • Location Anywhere

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