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I am looking for a Database/Software Developer to help me build a database that we can use for our customers and suppliers. The Database will help us track internal product codes and link customer and supplier data for quick response and analysis.

 The product data that we’ll be recording include (but are not limited to) product code, name, size, weight, temperature, date or production, date of expiry, supplier name/code, number of supplies, etc.

It is a very extensive database and you must be highly qualified and very well versed in Python, SQL & SQLite.

Knowledge and/or experience of R is highly advantageous but not essential, as is the knowledge and/or experience in AngularJS.

Please send your proposal, briefly explaining your previous knowledge and experiences about Databases.

Skills required for this job:
Angular Big Data Microsoft Sql Server Python R
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  • Experience Entry Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type Fixed Price
  • Location Anywhere

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