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We are a leader in Software Development in Europe. Our expertise is in developing AI-based software to make life just a little bit easier and more productive for everyone.

We are looking for a new Software Developer to join our team and help us build a browser extension for our latest software. 

The ideal candidate will be UK-based as you will be required to travel to and from our London HQ Offices regularly.

You will also have extensive knowledge and experience of HTML, JavaScript, CSS & JQuery. 

Please only apply if you have a complete profile with demonstrable experience/portfolio of your work.

Explain in your proposal why you think you would be the right fit for the job and what experiences you think you can bring to our team.

Skills required for this job:
Chrome Extension CSS Jquery
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  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Full-time
  • Payment type £££ - COMPETITIVE
  • Location Anywhere

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