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About Prolancer

Prolancer is a professional freelancing platform with a focus on Software Development, Data Science and Advanced Programming businesses and service providers.

We are working to positively impact the way individuals and businesses connect to each other, whilst at the same time focusing on making our world a better place by reducing the human CO2 footprint via encouraging more remote working and less commuting to and from the workplace – here in the UK as well as internationally, around the globe.


Why Join Prolancer?

At Prolancer we are passionate about creating the ultimate professional freelancing experience for all our users, as well as our own employees and business partners. Prolancer has a great focus on work-life balance and creating an environment of utmost comfort mixed with wonderful opportunities and strong support for career advancements, as well as personal growth and development – all at the luxury of your own home or garden, on a cruise or any other place in the world that has a solid Wi-Fi connection!

We are continually looking for strong and highly skilled professional freelancers to join our growing team of developers and engineers, from around the world.



Job Description

We are looking for an experienced digital and direct Marketing and Social Media Specialist who can develop and implement successful marketing campaigns and programs - online and offline, to help us reach a larger audience and achieve specific business milestones.


Your Responsibilities

You will be responsible for

  • Creating new campaigns for better brand visibility and business growth

  • Organising and planning new activities for company events

  • Developing and executing strategic marketing plans to help us reach our maximum outreach targets

  • Documenting and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

  • Overseeing and reviewing marketing campaigns and comparing the results with our maximum outreach targets

  • Developing and adjusting new approaches to help reach these targets, accordingly

  • Develop and print new digital materials to support our business marketing efforts, as and when required

  • Coordinating all corporate sponsorship, partnership and event-related activities – such as communications, booth selection and booking, people and on-site support, etc.

  • Continuously looking for ways to increase and maximize our sponsorships and partnerships with other individuals and organisations, as well as searching for and liaising with potential investors

  • Continuously seeking feedback to better understand customer needs and in order to improve our marketing and/or overall business objectives

  • Liaising with the senior team at Prolancer regularly and keeping the team updated about all the latest marketing campaigns, progresses, events, and related issues, while at the same time maintaining the confidentiality of all matters coming to your attention

  • Performing any other marketing-related duties assigned to you by the Senior team



  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marketing, Business Management, or a related field – or 5+ years of experience in a Marketing role

  • Self-motivated and a strong interest in making a positive impact

  • Strong team working and communication skills

  • A great command of the English language – both oral and written

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • Strong organisation and time-management skills

  • Ability to take initiative

  • A positive attitude to change and an interest in working within a fast-paced environment

  • A keen interest in working for a start-up company within a remote/semi-remote setting

  • Ability to travel to and from local and international events, in the UK and elsewhere


Desirable Skills & Experience

  • Previous experience in marketing for Freelancing or Crowdsourcing companies

  • Previous experience working within a start-up environment

  • Experience in delivering large-scale marketing projects within a professional tech environment


What we offer

Successful applicants can expect

  • A competitive salary

  • A friendly team of developer and senior managers who are always happy to help

  • A flexible work environment and work hours – you can work from anywhere

  • Opportunity for further professional development and a salary increase, upon successful completion of the project

Skills required for this job:
Digital Marketing Email Marketing Marketing
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  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type £££ - COMPETITIVE
  • Location Anywhere

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