Speech Recognition Engineer

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Job Description

We are looking for an experienced and creative Speech Recognition Engineer with a strong background in processing signal and audio tasks and developing speech recognition algorithms. The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of experience in a related field and be a self-motivated and creative individual with great communication and team-working skills and a keen interest in working for a start-up company.



You will be responsible for the design, development, testing and deployment of advanced solutions and deep learning algorithms for speech recognition and models that can perform topic and keyword detection and machine learning translations from audio tasks. You will be working with other developer team members and will be responsible for communicating with the team on a regular basis. You will keep the team updated about the advancements of the project, as well as any issues that may arise, and work with the developer team to design and deploy new solutions for these issues. You will also work with the developer team to anticipate bottlenecks in order to mitigate the risks and to ensure that the project runs smoothly.



  • A Master’s or higher in Technology, Computational Linguistics, Data Science or a related field

  • 3+ years of experience in speech technology (such as Speech Data, Feature Extraction, Signal Processing, and related)

  • Demonstrable experience using ASR Software – such as Kaldi

  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English language

  • Knowledge of command lines and experience with Bash, Python, or a similar programming language

  • Strong team-working skills (especially within a remote work setting)

  • A positive attitude towards new challenges

  • Flexibility towards change

  • Ability to work semi-remotely - you MUST attend our offices in London 2-3 days per week


Desirable Skills & Experiences

  • Previous experience working as a Speech Recognition Engineer (or a related profession)

  • Previous experience delivering large-scale projects within a professional tech environment

  • Experience of developing and/or implementing Deep Neural Networks or other Machine Learning techniques

Skills required for this job:
Bash Computational Linguistics Digital Signal Processor Machine Learning Python Speech to Text

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