Database Developer

Anywhere Entry Level
£50,000.00 - £55,000.00
Per Year

We are looking for a full-time Database Developer to join our team to help us develop a database for our new Q&A website.

We are a small Tech Company based in Bristol, United Kingdom and we have a small team of friendly developers and Data Scientists who are dedicating their time and knowledge to develop a new AI device. We are looking for a like-minded and energetic person to join our team and help us build an extensive database that includes more than 1 million questions and answers on various topics. The database will be connected directly to the new AI device that we are building and must run seamlessly and without errors.

We are particularly interested in a Database or Computer Science professional with previous (demonstrable) experience developing databases. It would be highly advantageous if you have previous experience working with or developing databases for AI-related projects.

A great knowledge of R and Python languages is a MUST. Additionally, you must be proficient in using MySQL. Further knowledge of IBM DB2 and SAP databases is highly advantageous but not essential.

You can work remotely. But we require all team members to attend our offices 3 days per week for the first 26 weeks, and 2 days per week afterwards.

Our offices are based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom – We kindly ask that you only apply for this job if you have no issues traveling to and from Cheltenham 2-3 days per week.

Skills required for this job:
Data Science Mysql Python R Sap

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