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A standalone program running from command line on server.

Program functions - Searching numbers and or symbols in txt files using various filters (user describe).

Extracting results to csv file or excel file.


General Settings:

Working form: cleanliness, letter size 14, line length of page A-4, each paragraph with a title explains keeping clean working form.

Operate on Windows Server Workspace 2016, Program users: optional for multiple users.

Software can run from command line or from excel.


Extract numbers or and symbols from a txt document to an excel file or csv files.  

Results of the Excel file columns:

file name, file location, inner file extracted date, number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4 (6 columns in total).

Program have Three modes:

  • Create setup file (such as pde file) and save
  • Edit set up file and save
  • Execute (run) the program

Create set up and save mode – with an intractable window for user

  1. Location of the load Folder (txt files)
  2. Set up name
  3. An interact user windows for each filter column

Up to five different filter columns of choice.

Below a filter basic look:



  1. Location the results csv or excel file in Folder

Edit set up and save:

Enable edit mode for setup file

By entering file name and location (preferable to run from excel)

Execute /run:

Run the setup file previously created from command line or from excel if possible

Extraction End results look like:



Apply Extraction Restrictions:

If having more than one different result for same txt file then Extract only the first number or the first date.

Only one results for each document, i.e. one document one line of result.

Skills required for this job:
Batchfile C++ Desktop Application Excel Java Microsoft Excel Node.Js PHP Powershell Python Regex SharePoint

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