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I am looking for an experienced iOS app developer to help me develop a new app related to the field of sports. I am looking for someone with previous experience in programming using Open Source languages and tools. I am not too strict about the type of language; however, you must have prior experience in building iOS apps demonstrable via a portfolio.

You must be hardworking and a good team player. You must also have previous experience with API setup.

You will help me develop a fluid backend as well as a professional frontend. So any related experience will be highly valued.

I will be using a combination of Firebase & Flamelink for the admin side – so you must be proficient in working with these platforms.

Skills required for this job:
Objective C++ Objective C Swift
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  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type Fixed Price
  • Location Anywhere

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