Frontend developer

Anywhere Senior Level 9 months ago
Hourly Price

Looking for front-end web developer

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Nasr G Wed, Feb 12, 2020
Vue/Nuxtjs here with Unit tests and Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Sujitha T Wed, Dec 04, 2019
I have knowledge of angular, currently located in northampton. Am I eligible to apply for this job?

Sharad A Wed, Dec 04, 2019
Where are you located? Are you the primary point of contact for coordinating work

Francisco V Sat, Nov 30, 2019
Hello, I was interested in the job but had questions about the technologies that should be used. (React, Angular, Vue ....)

Valery C
  • Experience Senior Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type Hourly Price
  • Location Anywhere

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