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The company aims to solve the world's data problems with products that delight and inspire. As the company behind the popular open source projects, they help people around the world do great things with their data. From stock quotes to real-time Twitter streams, Apache logs to WordPress blogs, our products are extending what's possible with data, delivering on the promise that good things come from connecting the dots.

The Position:

Looking for an experienced full-stack developer to join their core engineering team and work on search platform and products that power hundreds of millions of queries a month.

This is a role for engineers who can collaborate with a team to build next-generation search products to help customers effortlessly and find the information they need.


•   Possess excellent practical judgement. You should know how to effectively allocate your time when solving hard problems
•   Experience with or ability to learn the technologies such as Ruby, JRuby, and JavaScript, Rails, Resque, jQuery, React, and Redux, Elasticsearch, MySQL, MongoDB, Kestrel, Hadoop+Hive, and Redis
•   You are able to take complex product goals and efficiently deliver working software in logically consumable pieces
•   An open source project on GitHub with 15+ stars


•   Write flexible systems to efficiently and quickly consume a multitude of datasets
•   Improve, maintain, and scale the proprietary search platform and help create a tighter integration with existing company platform
•   Create internal tools to help our sales and support teams guide our customers to success

The Location: 
Company is based in USA. The role is 100% remote.

Why Should You Apply?

•   Top industry pay
•   Continuous learning
•   Remote location
•   Great teamwork opportunity

Skills required for this job:
Jquery Mongodb Mysql React Redux Ruby
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Prolancer A
  • Experience Middle Level
  • Duration 6+ months
  • Job type Part-time
  • Payment type £££ - COMPETITIVE
  • Location Anywhere

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