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  • Senior Data Scientist
  • An AI-driven company based on a mathematically principled and practical approach that working on autonomous, adaptive & data-efficient decision making.  The Company is...
  • Data Analysis Data Science Data Warehousing Web Scraping
  • Anywhere 6 Proposals
  • Data Scientist - Education
  • The company develops a unique, blended learning methodology combines traditional teaching methods with sophisticated technology, their own high-quality content and unparalleled levels...
  • Matlab Mysql NoSql
  • London, UK 5 Proposals
  • Data Scientist - Bioinformatics
  • The company provides bioinformatics solutions and services that bring data and science together using best in industry tools. Their work is responsive...
  • Django Node.Js Python React
  • Kalka, Haryana, India 0 Proposals
  • Data Scientist
  • A UK leader in renewable energy solutions. Manage the development, construction and operation of onshore wind and marine energy projects in the...
  • Python
  • Glasgow, UK 5 Proposals
  • AI/ML Application - Backend Engineer
  • An innovative tech. company is looking for a strong backend engineer for the team that is developing an exciting application for one...
  • Artificial Intelligence IoT Machine Learning Node.Js Python
  • Anywhere 3 Proposals
  • Data Scientist
  • The company develops analytics tool designed to help game developers and publishers drive conversions, refine critical flows, and boost retention for their...
  • Apache Spark Hive Mongodb Mysql NoSql
  • Anywhere 0 Proposals
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