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  • React Native Expert
  • £40.00 Hourly Price

    We have created a new AI-based app that is able to communicate with custom electronic products using BLE. We are looking for a Data Scientist or expert in areas of React Native, MySQL and Java/JavaScript to help us in modifying our current database and add more capabilities to it.


    Please note that any candidates selected for this position will have to sign an NDA before being provided with further information.

  • Data Science Java JavaScript MySQL React native
  • Anywhere Posted Dec 18th, 2019 0 Proposals
  • Data Scientist and Analyst

    We are looking for a Data Analyst, Computer Scientist or Data Scientist to help us improve our database system. We would like to add features such as automatic graph and report generation to our database system, as well as help us add media features such as video demonstrations using the data at hand.


    We are looking for an experienced candidate with excellent attention to detail.

    You must be organized, have great communication skills and have a keen eye for details.

    You will ideally have a strong background in Data Science, Computer Science, Statistical Modelling, Mathematical Modelling, or a related field.


    You must be proficient in Python and R and have previous experience working with databases.

    Please apply by sending your proposal.

  • Data analysis Data Science Python Python 3.x R
  • Aberdeen, UK Posted Dec 18th, 2019 0 Proposals
  • Data Specialist Required

    I am looking for an expert Data Scientist/Specialist to help us develop a new database system for our business.

    Our business focuses on machinery parts and we require someone who has 5+ years of experience building and maintaining databases to join our team to build a database for all of the product parts as well as customers’ data.

    The ideal candidate will have an exceptional attention to detail and a great knowledge of databases and programming languages including Python and R.

  • Big data Data science in python Python R
  • Farnham, UK Posted Dec 18th, 2019 0 Proposals
  • Expert Systems for HR management solution
  • £35,000.00 Fixed Price

    We are looking for a freelancer to develope an Expert System with predective analytics and responds to be integrated with our exisiting HR management solution.

    The following modules need to be integrated:

    1.  Data analytics and design

    2.  Create and install auto Bots for predective responds 

    3.  Predective analytics and insights


    Required Skill-sets:

    -  Software development using Python, Django

    -  Experience in javascript framework, jQuery, Angular, React

    -   Front-end development with Bootstrap, Html, CSS

    Please submit your proposals and we will disclouse more information during the interview process.

  • Angular Django Expert Systems Python
  • Anywhere Posted Sep 18th, 2019 0 Proposals
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