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  • Data Analyst

    I am looking for an experienced Data Analyst/Scientist who can help me with my project.

    You will assist me in reading and translating various data forms such as text, graph, images, etc. and will help me in categorizing data in various groups for later analysis.

    You must have a degree in Data Science/Analysis with previous experience working with data (3+ years).

    You must also be proficient in Python language.


    This position is for a project based at the University of Cardiff in collaboration with variou European and North American based Universities and Research Institutions. The data you will work with is highly sensitive and a full DBS check is a requirement for this job.


    This is a semi-remote, full-time position, and you will be required to attend the analytics lab at the Cardiff University for at least three days out of the week. 

  • Big data Data analysis Data Science Python
  • Cardiff Posted 24 hour ago 0 Proposals
  • Database Developer
  • £££ - HIGH VALUE

    I am looking for a Database/Software Developer to help me build a database that we can use for our customers and suppliers. The Database will help us track internal product codes and link customer and supplier data for quick response and analysis.


    The product data that we’ll be recording include (but are not limited to) product code, name, size, weight, temperature, date or production, date of expiry, supplier name/code, number of supplies, etc.


    It is a very extensive database and you must be highly qualified and very well versed in Python, SQL & SQLite.

    Knowledge and/or experience of R is highly advantageous but not essential, as is the knowledge and/or experience in AngularJS.


    Please send your proposal, briefly explaining your previous knowledge and experiences about Databases.

  • Angular Big data Database Microsoft sql server Python R Sqlite
  • Anywhere Posted 24 hour ago 0 Proposals
  • Web & App Developer
  • £42.00 Hourly Price

    I am developing a new website and software for the retail industry. The software and apps will be able to scan barcodes, compare prices and find the best product according to consumer needs/barcoded descriptions. 


    I need two new Software Developers with expertise in Web & App Development who can help me build & test this app.



    • Knowledge of PHP and MySQL

    • Knowledge & experience of JavaScript, CSS

    • Knowledge of AngularJS would be a plus



  • Angular CSS JavaScript MySQL PHP
  • Anywhere Posted 24 hour ago 0 Proposals
  • Software Developer

    We are a leader in Software Development in Europe. Our expertise is in developing AI-based software to make life just a little bit easier and more productive for everyone.

    We are looking for a new Software Developer to join our team and help us build a browser extension for our latest software. 

    The ideal candidate will be UK-based as you will be required to travel to and from our London HQ Offices regularly.

    You will also have extensive knowledge and experience of HTML, JavaScript, CSS & JQuery. 

    You must be prepared to travel to our London offices for at least two days per week.


    Please only apply if you have a complete profile with demonstrable experience/portfolio of your work.

    Explain in your proposal why you think you would be the right fit for the job and what experiences you think you can bring to our team.


    Location: London, UK

  • Chrome extension CSS Html JavaScript jQuery Software development
  • London, UK Posted 24 hour ago 0 Proposals
  • Web Application Developer
  • £48,000.00 Fixed Price

    We are an Edinburgh based start-up company specialising in providing customisable ERP software.

    We’re looking to develop a new application for our software which will be inclusive of some technical features. Users will be able to log-onto their account via the web app and share and store information on the go.

    Our company is looking to hire a new Software Developer who is highly proficient in Java, C and C++, as well as JavaScript. Previous experience (5+ years) working on similar project(s) is also essential. 


    Please apply by sending your proposal.

  • C programming C++ Java JavaScript
  • Anywhere Posted 24 hour ago 0 Proposals
  • Junior Full-Stack Developer

    We are continually looking for young people and recent graduates to join our IT department for our newly developing projects.

    We are currently looking for a Junior Full-Stack Developer with excellent communication and teamworking skills who can join our growing team of developers to help us develop a new server software.

    You must be a bold individual who is ready to take initiative and is not afraid to take risks.

    You must also be willing to develop your skills further and enhance your knowledge and your experiences on the job, as well as in your spare time. We are looking for someone with a TRUE passion for technology!



    • A Bachelors (or higher) honours degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a related field
    • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or Redux
    • Strong knowledge of OOP principles
    • Knowledge and/or experience of NodeJS, jQuery, Angular or Vue
    • Good knowledge and understanding of SQL, SQLite and other Databases
    • Knowledge and/or previous experience working with PHP, ASP, and Python
    • Great attention to detail
    • Great communication skills
    • Impeccable team-working skills
    • Fluency in English language is MUST


    Previous experience working on open-source projects and a good portfolio of previous works is highly advantageous; although not essential.

  • Angular ASP CSS Database Full stack Html JavaScript jQuery MySQL Node.js Oop PHP Python Redux Sqlite Vue
  • London Posted 4 days ago 0 Proposals
  • App Developer (Mobile & Desktop)

    We are a small charity, focusing on providing care and assistance to children with Autism.

    We are looking for an App Developer who can help us build a new Mobile and a new Desktop application that helps us better connect with the public and potential donors.

    The application will keep our current donors updated on the progress of our research and other works that we are accomplishing; as well as keeping individual donors connected with a child that they are sponsoring (via communication with an assigned mentor).

    The application will also be used to make the general public more aware of our services and look for potential new donors for our research projects and other works.


    The ideal candidate for this position would be an experienced application developer with expertise in Swift, Go, Objective-C, PHP and JavaScript, and be well-versed in Java and/or C and C++ languages.

    We are particularly looking for someone who is a compassionate individual with a passion for helping charitable causes, as well as a great communicator and an excellent team worker.

    If you are interested in this position, please send your proposal clearly explaining why you think you are a good fit for this position and what experiences and/or knowledge you could bring to this position.

    Please note, this position is partially office-based, and we require all of our developer to attend our offices in Cheltenham, UK for at least 2 days per week.

  • Application development C programming C++ Go Java JavaScript PHP Swift Swift and obj c
  • Cheltenham, UK Posted 4 days ago 0 Proposals
  • IOS/Android App Developer
  • £38,000.00 Fixed Price

    I am looking for an experienced App Developer to help me build a new application that focuses on health and fitness.

    This will be a smart application that tracks the users’ heart rate in ‘workout mode’ and ‘rest mode’ and will recommend breaks, stretch workouts and the correct diet accordingly. The app will also recommend the type of diseases that the user might be at the risk of developing (according to their hear-rates at different ‘modes’) and any preventative measures that they can take to reduce or eliminate the risks.

    The app will have both free and paid versions and will be connected to major social media apps/tools.


    Please note, you must only apply if you are able to commit for 1 year (with potential to extend your contract beyond this period, upon successful completion of certain milestones and the successful review of your work). You must also be comfortable in using UX and design and not just the technical codes.

    You must have 5+ years of experience developing iOS and Android apps and must have a demonstrable portfolio to showcase your experiences.

  • Android Application development iOS UX Design
  • Anywhere Posted 4 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Apps
  • £££ - HIGH VALUE

    want mobile base android apps like:

  • Android apps development
  • Anywhere Posted 7 days ago 0 Proposals
  • General Office Assistant and Admin Clerk
  • £15.00 Hourly Price

    We are currently looking for a hard-working and well organized person to join our growing team. The ideal candidate excellent communicator and team player, with a great eye for detail as well as good ability to learn quickly and work under pressure. If interested then we want to hear from you!

    Duties and Responsibilities:

      Interfacing with internal staff on current projects to accomplish related results as required
      Maintains data entry requirements by following data program techniques and procedures
      Establishing and maintaining systems to ensure that all files, letters, reference manuals
      Scanning, documents and electronically filing documents and archived plans
      Respond to the general enquiries in a timely manner
      Type in data provided directly from customers
      Performs other duties as assigned

    Skills and Experience:

      Strong attention to detail
      High school diploma required
      Exceptional customer service skills
      Must have 1+ years data entry experience
      Good written and verbal communication skills
      Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills
      Great time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work
      Excellent knowledge of word processing tools (MS Office, Word, Excel Outlook)

    We Offer:

      Friendly small team environment
      Flexible schedules can be arranged
      Opportunities for career advancement

    If you are interested in this role, please send your application along with a CV and cover letter.

    We thank all applicants; however, only those shortlisted will be contacted.

  • Data analytics Data Optimisation Excel Microsoft office
  • Anywhere Posted 21 days ago 0 Proposals
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