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  • IOS/Android App Developer
  • £35.00 Hourly Price

    I am looking for an App Developer to help me create a new taxi-sharing app for Medical Doctors and Staff. The app will be similar to Uber and Lyft but much more simple and secure.

    The ideal candidate that I am looking for must be flexible in their hours and a good team player.

    You can work part-time on the app, but you must be available 4 days per week.



    • Knowledge of iOS & Android Operating Systems
    • Experience developing apps for iOS and/or Android devices
    • Proficiency in Angular, JavaScript, Html5, React 
  • Android Angular HTML5 iOS JavaScript React
  • Anywhere Posted 3 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Unity Developer
  • £££ - HIGH VALUE

    Looking for a Unity Developer who can make a simple but professional application that is fun and interactive for users.

    This will be a real-time ‘Earth Map’ application that will run on touchscreen devices powered by Windows.

    The app will allow users to filter the data and details and they want to view and eliminate what they do not like to see, according to their preferences. The app must be as user-friendly and simple enough to allow people of all ages to interact with it with ease – but also very professional looking and polished.

    The interface must look beautiful and clear and the backend must run smoothly, in parallel.

    We currently have a Unity Developer in our team and are looking for a new developer to help build this app.

    You must be highly skilled in Unity, have previous demonstrable experience in the field and be a good team-player.

    Previous experience working with teams in a remote setting is highly beneficial, as is the experience of freelancing and building professional apps.

  • Application development Unity3d
  • Anywhere Posted 3 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Marketing Specialist

    Department: Marketing

    Location: Remote

    Job ID#: REQ20202


    About Prolancer

    Prolancer is a professional freelancing platform with a focus on Software Development, Data Science and Advanced Programming businesses and service providers.

    We are working to positively impact the way individuals and businesses connect to each other, whilst at the same time focusing on making our world a better place by reducing the human CO2 footprint via encouraging more remote working and less commuting to and from the workplace – here in the UK as well as internationally, around the globe.


    Why Join Prolancer?

    At Prolancer we are passionate about creating the ultimate professional freelancing experience for all our users, as well as our own employees and business partners. Prolancer has a great focus on work-life balance and creating an environment of utmost comfort mixed with wonderful opportunities and strong support for career advancements, as well as personal growth and development – all at the luxury of your own home or garden, on a cruise or any other place in the world that has a solid Wi-Fi connection!

    We are continually looking for strong and highly skilled professional freelancers to join our growing team of developers and engineers, from around the world.



    Job Description

    We are looking for an experienced digital and direct Marketing and Social Media Specialist who can develop and implement successful marketing campaigns and programs - online and offline, to help us reach a larger audience and achieve specific business milestones.


    Your Responsibilities

    You will be responsible for

    • Creating new campaigns for better brand visibility and business growth

    • Organising and planning new activities for company events

    • Developing and executing strategic marketing plans to help us reach our maximum outreach targets

    • Documenting and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

    • Overseeing and reviewing marketing campaigns and comparing the results with our maximum outreach targets

    • Developing and adjusting new approaches to help reach these targets, accordingly

    • Develop and print new digital materials to support our business marketing efforts, as and when required

    • Coordinating all corporate sponsorship, partnership and event-related activities – such as communications, booth selection and booking, people and on-site support, etc.

    • Continuously looking for ways to increase and maximize our sponsorships and partnerships with other individuals and organisations, as well as searching for and liaising with potential investors

    • Continuously seeking feedback to better understand customer needs and in order to improve our marketing and/or overall business objectives

    • Liaising with the senior team at Prolancer regularly and keeping the team updated about all the latest marketing campaigns, progresses, events, and related issues, while at the same time maintaining the confidentiality of all matters coming to your attention

    • Performing any other marketing-related duties assigned to you by the Senior team



    • A Bachelor’s degree or higher in Marketing, Business Management, or a related field – or 5+ years of experience in a Marketing role

    • Self-motivated and a strong interest in making a positive impact

    • Strong team working and communication skills

    • A great command of the English language – both oral and written

    • Excellent attention to detail

    • Strong organisation and time-management skills

    • Ability to take initiative

    • A positive attitude to change and an interest in working within a fast-paced environment

    • A keen interest in working for a start-up company within a remote/semi-remote setting

    • Ability to travel to and from local and international events, in the UK and elsewhere


    Desirable Skills & Experience

    • Previous experience in marketing for Freelancing or Crowdsourcing companies

    • Previous experience working within a start-up environment

    • Experience in delivering large-scale marketing projects within a professional tech environment


    What we offer

    Successful applicants can expect

    • A competitive salary

    • A friendly team of developer and senior managers who are always happy to help

    • A flexible work environment and work hours – you can work from anywhere

    • Opportunity for further professional development and a salary increase, upon successful completion of the project


    Please apply online by clicking on the APPLY button



  • Digital marketing Email marketing Marketing
  • Kings Langley Posted 3 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Speech Recognition Engineer

    Job Description

    We are looking for an experienced and creative Speech Recognition Engineer with a strong background in processing signal and audio tasks and developing speech recognition algorithms. The ideal candidate will have 3+ years of experience in a related field and be a self-motivated and creative individual with great communication and team-working skills and a keen interest in working for a start-up company.



    You will be responsible for the design, development, testing and deployment of advanced solutions and deep learning algorithms for speech recognition and models that can perform topic and keyword detection and machine learning translations from audio tasks. You will be working with other developer team members and will be responsible for communicating with the team on a regular basis. You will keep the team updated about the advancements of the project, as well as any issues that may arise, and work with the developer team to design and deploy new solutions for these issues. You will also work with the developer team to anticipate bottlenecks in order to mitigate the risks and to ensure that the project runs smoothly.



    • A Master’s or higher in Technology, Computational Linguistics, Data Science or a related field

    • 3+ years of experience in speech technology (such as Speech Data, Feature Extraction, Signal Processing, and related)

    • Demonstrable experience using ASR Software – such as Kaldi

    • Strong oral and written communication skills in English language

    • Knowledge of command lines and experience with Bash, Python, or a similar programming language

    • Strong team-working skills (especially within a remote work setting)

    • A positive attitude towards new challenges

    • Flexibility towards change

    • Ability to work semi-remotely - you MUST attend our offices in London 2-3 days per week


    Desirable Skills & Experiences

    • Previous experience working as a Speech Recognition Engineer (or a related profession)

    • Previous experience delivering large-scale projects within a professional tech environment

    • Experience of developing and/or implementing Deep Neural Networks or other Machine Learning techniques

  • Bash Computational Linguistics Digital Signal Processor Machine learning Python Speech To Text
  • London, UK Posted 3 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Back-end Developer

    We need an expert Python Developer to write clever APIs that can collect information from Microsoft Azure and transfer them into a SQL Server.

    You will ideally have a great knowledge and experience of Python, as well as previous experience working with Powershell, API Development and Management, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL, Git, and Azure DEVOPS Services.

    Knowledge of Power Bi is also highly recommended.

    This is a full-time position and we ask that you attend our offices in London for at least 1 day per week.


    Please apply by sending a proposal.

  • Api Azure Git Microsoft sql server MySQL Power bi Python
  • London, UK Posted 7 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Data Analysis Project
  • £££ - HIGH VALUE

    I am looking for a talented and knowledgeable Data Analyst to assist me in analysis and configuration of data for a large Construction project.

    You must have extensive experience dealing with and analysing large amounts of data for a Construction business or in a similar setting. I am looking for someone who can analyse various data in number, image, and graph format and transforming these into understandable text format.

    Types of data you will analyse include input from our Construction Surveyor, data from competitors as well as various other surveys conducted by the Company and/or our Business Partners.

    A good knowledge of Python would be advantageous, as would be a background in Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science, or a similar field dealing with large amounts of data.

    Please send your proposal, briefly explain your qualifications and past experiences in one paragraph.

  • Computational Statistics Data science in python Python Statistics
  • Anywhere Posted 7 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Database Developer
  • £50,000.00 - £55,000.00 Per Year

    We are looking for a full-time Database Developer to join our team to help us develop a database for our new Q&A website.

    We are a small Tech Company based in Bristol, United Kingdom and we have a small team of friendly developers and Data Scientists who are dedicating their time and knowledge to develop a new AI device. We are looking for a like-minded and energetic person to join our team and help us build an extensive database that includes more than 1 million questions and answers on various topics. The database will be connected directly to the new AI device that we are building and must run seamlessly and without errors.

    We are particularly interested in a Database or Computer Science professional with previous (demonstrable) experience developing databases. It would be highly advantageous if you have previous experience working with or developing databases for AI-related projects.

    A great knowledge of R and Python languages is a MUST. Additionally, you must be proficient in using MySQL. Further knowledge of IBM DB2 and SAP databases is highly advantageous but not essential.

    You can work remotely. But we require all team members to attend our offices 3 days per week for the first 26 weeks, and 2 days per week afterwards.

    Our offices are based in Cheltenham, United Kingdom – We kindly ask that you only apply for this job if you have no issues traveling to and from Cheltenham 2-3 days per week.

  • Data Science Database MySQL Python Python 3.x R Sap
  • Cheltenham, UK Posted 7 days ago 0 Proposals
  • Add Email Sign Up on Word Press
  • £3,000.00 - £5,000.00 Per Month

    Add Email sign up html code to several pages on website

    The counter on the events page is not working needs to be fixed

    About Us page has a counter needs to be removed from that page only and a nice layout for the about us page needs to be added. I will get you the content to add 

    Footer information need to be added see link below
    Site needs to be cleaned up so may be a few small things asap!  

  • WordPress
  • Rio de Mouro, Portugal Posted Dec 18th, 2019 1 Proposals
  • Data Analyst (SPSS)
  • £££ - HIGH VALUE

    I am looking for a Data Analyst with experience in using IBM SPSS platform to help me analyse data for a research project.

    The research project is healthcare-related and any candidates with previous data analysis experience working in the healthcare industry is welcome to apply.

    You will be analysing large volumes descriptive statistics (such as cross tabulation, frequencies, and ratio statistics), as well as Bivariate statistics (i.e. means, t-test, correlation, etc.) and simulations.

    Previous knowledge and/or experience in using R and Python languages is beneficial – although these are not mandatory – as is previous experience and/or knowledge Bioinformatics.

    Please send me your proposal with your expected salary/rates.

  • Computational Statistics Data analytics Python R Statistics
  • Anywhere Posted Dec 18th, 2019 0 Proposals
  • App Developer (iOS & Android)
  • £35.00 Hourly Price

    I am looking for an experienced iOS & Android App Developer who can help me build a new Customer Review type application. The app must look professional as it will be used by many small and large businesses.

    You must be highly skilled in App Development and must have previous experience creating professional application. I am looking for someone who can demonstrate their previous work via a digital portfolio.

    The ideal candidate has previous experience in developing native iOS apps. Knowledge of Android development would be a bonus. The candidate must also be highly skilled and proficient in working with JS Frameworks.

    Please only apply if you have a demonstrable portfolio of your previous work(s).

  • Android Go iOS Objective-C Swift
  • Anywhere Posted Dec 18th, 2019 0 Proposals
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