Direct Mail PureImpact Gym - SPEC

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This speculative project was to create a direct Mail piece for Pure Impact Gym (made up company and product)

It was designed to appeal to men and women aged 22-38 years who are active and fitness focussed. They have busy schedules and look for gyms with extended times that would suit their lifestyle and accommodate them. The main focus of this project was to get these individuals to come to the gym and use the free 3 day pass. The direct mail piece was to focus on features of the gym such as long opening hours, flexible training, 1-on-1 sessions. Ultimately, the business objective for this project is to increase the gym’s sales leads and, eventually, membership numbers.

Designed with an emphasis on the Free gym pass code, the tone of voice for this piece was exciting, urgent and promotional. Focussing on the features the gym offers i.e longer hours, flexible classes and training, the piece really speaks to the deeper benefits for the target audience to take advantage of the 3 day pass and ultimately join the gym. The copy, including a bold and eye-catching CTA, is clear, informative and promotional.

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Author: Samoneh K