SPEC - Rimmel Lipstick Magazine Ad

1 minute read

This speculative project was to create a magazine ad for Rimmel TruYou Match Lipstick (real company, fake product)

It was designed to appeal to women of ages 24-40 years who regularly buy health and beauty items from their local drugstore. They take a keen interest in makeup products and want to look their best- they enjoy shopping for products that help them achieve this. They are confident and like to use makeup to enhance their natural beauty. The Rimmel TruYou Match Lipstick is a new product that matches the wearer’s natural lip colour and enhances it with reflective pigments. It also hydrates to keep lips soft. The main objective of this ad is to get the reader to purchase the product.

Using a fun concept of a dating app ‘matching’ you with the right lipstick, it has great appeal especially to younger readers. The style is casual and fun. The features of this unique product are highlighted to really draw the reader in on the benefits of purchasing it.

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Author: Samoneh K