SPEC Email- Johnson's Baby Conditioner

1 minute read

This speculative project was to create a promotional email for the new Johnson’s Baby Conditioner. The email is targeted at parents of children ages 0-2 years. They are looking to purchase the highest quality products for their children. The email is designed to promote the new conditioner that keep their babies’ hair soft and their scalp moisturised. The primary focus of the email is to have the reader visit the Johnson’s baby website to learn more about the product, and to use the discount to buy the product.

The email subject line is benefit driven and the snippet provides a concise description to compliment it. The headline in the email leads with the classic Johnson’s Baby ‘No More Tears’ which is recognisable to most people. The body copy uses Johnson’s Baby sincere, helpful tone to explain it’s features and convey the deep benefits of purchasing this product. The CTA (Call To Action) button is promotional and urgent, tying the whole email together.

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Author: Samoneh K