SPEC Landing Page - Uber Eats

1 minute read

This speculative project was to create a web landing page for restaurants to partner with Uber Eats. These restaurant owners are interested yet skeptical to work with third party delivery. The aim of this page was to provide them with more information about the benefits of partnering with Uber Eats (up to 60% increase in profits, new customer base). It gives them the option to sign up instantly or to speak to a member of their support team. The tone is informative, helpful and casual.

The landing page is simple yet effective. With a punchy headline that clearly states the benefit to the owner and a form to sign up instantly. The design and copy are minimal- with focus on the benefits and ease of signing up to partner with Uber Eats. There is also a secondary emphasis on talking to an expert on the support team- in case they were still unsure or wanted their questions answered.

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Author: Samoneh K