Why should you complete your Prolancer profile?

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By now, you might have received at least one email from us, advising you to add more information to your profile on Prolancer. Here are our top 5 reasons on why we think you should complete your profile:

#1. Appear more professional – When hirers look at your profile, they will analyse various criteria to decide whether you are the right fit for their current and/or future projects, or not. If you have an incomplete profile, it will give a hirer the impression that you could either be too lazy to care about yourself and your career or are not too serious about finding a job. 

Having a complete profile with full details about your academic background, expertise, work experience(s) and other essential information will let a hirer know that you are a professional freelancer who is actively looking for new opportunities and take yourself, your job and your achievements, very seriously. 

Likewise, when a hirer has an incomplete profile, potential candidates have no way of knowing their potential recruiter. Not knowing who has posted a job or who is recruiting you for a job will cause the relationship between a hirer and a freelancer to become anonymous, cold and unprofessional. However, having a complete profile as a hirer will give potential candidates the impression that you are a serious and experienced recruiter, and make them more likely to apply for your job(s).

#2. Showcase your expertise – If you are an experienced Software Developer, have awesome academic qualifications, or have won a prize in tech or other project at School, a hirer has no way of finding this out unless you tell them about these in your profile.  

Consequently, you might miss many suitable job opportunities in your field of expertise, if a hirer doesn’t know what you are good at and what job opportunities you are looking for!

Similarly, if you are a small or large business owner, a company representative, an experienced hirer or an award-winning recruiter, freelancers and potential candidates will not know about your professional background and accomplishments, unless you tell them about yourself, your business background and your achievements!

#3. Demonstrate your confidence in yourself and your abilities – Freelancing is a competitive market and a growing number of people, and especially the younger generation, is looking to utilise their skills and abilities in this market. To stand out from the crowd, you need to let the hirers know about your skills and achievements. When you provide hirers with details about your work experience, previous projects or your portfolio, you are essentially setting yourself apart from other candidates. Let hirers know that you are not just another boring employee…let them know that you are more than just another tech nerd!

Additionally, when hirers see that a freelancer has a complete profile, it gives them the impression that they are dealing with a potential candidate who is confident enough in their skills and abilities to want to show off their achievements and get noticed! Hirers love confident candidates who are bold and can (or at least try to) achieve what many others can’t.

Correspondingly, when hirers tell potential recruits or freelancers about their history and accomplishments, whether as a person or as a business, potential candidates will then become more excited and more willing to apply for a project of job advertised by that hirer – because they want to be a part of your great story, your growth and your success.

#4. Stand out from the crowd – Having a complete profile with your full details (including your profile image), will automatically make you eligible for our Top-Rated Prolancer scheme. If you are selected as one of our Top-Rated Prolancers, your profile will appear first on our search engines and the Freelancers’ search webpages for hirers consideration. Your profile will also be considered first for top positions and highest paying jobs advertised on our website, by recruiters and hirers.

#5. Receive more clicks and better job offers – Our research shows that freelancers who have a complete profile have an 87% higher rate of clicks on their profile page and are more likely to receive job offers from hirers and recruiters. 

When you have a complete profile and are selected as one of our top candidates, hirers are more likely to see your profile first, and they will be more likely to click on your profile and read about all of your achievements...and the more details that you provide about your expertise and previous work experience(s) in your profile, the more likely you are to be awarded a higher paying job opportunity.

Compare that to when a hirer sees a user at the bottom of the search page with no profile image and not much information....they would think twice before clicking on that user’s profile!

#6. Receive relevant notifications about matching jobs – When you add your expertise and skill tags to your profile, it will help you receive more relevant email and account notifications about new job opportunities that match your skills and abilities, and therefore have a better chance of landing a job that is suitable to your knowledge and your career interests.

#7. Do the test - Get results! – Freelancers who fully complete their profiles and also attempt our Technical Assessment Tests are more likely to be awarded jobs. This is because when a freelancer completes an Assessment Test, their test results will be made available on their profile, and this showcases to a potential hirer, a freelancer’s knowledge about a specific subject. For example, if you write in your profile that you are experienced in Java Programming and your test results also demonstrate your proficiency in this language, then a hirer is more likely to award you a job that requires Java Programming as a criteria. Find out more about our Technical Assessment Tests...

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