What is remote hiring?

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Thanks to the pandemic we’re all used to the idea of remote working, as well as interviewing and onboarding resources remotely. ProToolkit, Zoom and instant messaging have become our constant companions and allowed many industries to shift online.

But even before coronavirus took the world by storm, the practice of ‘remote hiring’ was already growing in popularity. So, what exactly is ‘remote hiring’, and why will it result in better quality talent for your business – even as the UK starts to reopen?

Defining remote hiring.

We define remote hiring as the specialised practice of sourcing remote talent. Regardless of public health emergencies and lockdowns, remote hiring focuses on finding resources that want to permanently ‘work from home’. Of course, ‘home’ can mean in a home office, in a professional co-working space, or wherever else is appropriate. 

So, a remote hiring enterprise differs from a traditional recruitment agency as we specialise in finding experts that work remotely out of choice rather than necessity


What are the differences between remote hiring and a traditional recruitment agency?

Many people think that remote hiring involves the same processes as a traditional recruitment agency, just over Zoom. It’s not quite that simple.

Remote hiring specialists take a more decentralised approach to the recruitment process, which means we are less bound by a geographical region, like a county in the UK. By taking the focus away from specific locations, remote hirers can concentrate on finding the best talent with the right skillset and experience to suit a company’s needs and culture. Remote hiring therefore often involves more specialist searches, where we match top-rated experts that fit more specific criteria to cutting-edge projects, wherever they are in the UK. No need for difficult conversations about relocating!


Remote hiring fits into the digital era.

Because of the industry’s digital-first model, remote hirers are savvy with technology. At Prolancer we use smart algorithms together with the personal input of a relationship manager to take an intelligent approach to the recruitment of remote resources. We use digital tools to pre-vet and screen talent, as well as providing a free interview and project management ProToolkit for hirers to easily oversee collaboration, payments and more in one place. 

With the help of technology, we can find top expert talent to accelerate ideas and projects within a business more efficiently than other recruitment options. To put it concisely, remote hiring saves you time and money. It’s also more sustainable, which is a big plus. 

Remote hiring looks to the future.

You only have to switch on the news to know that the world is changing, and with it the way we work. Remote hiring understands that the future of work lies in remote models, more flexible hours, and freelance contracts. It won’t be long til many of us are working as expert freelancers on a variety of projects, rather than settling down with one company in one location. That’s why at Prolancer we specialise in matching individuals and ready-made specialist teams to cutting-edge remote projects. Say goodbye to the 9-5.

To sum it all up. 

Rather than being stuck in the past, remote hiring looks forward to the future. Remote hiring capitalises on the best technology, expertise and working practices to match real people to real opportunities. It boasts wider talent pools and the capacity for more specialised searches. Sounds tempting? Find an expert with Prolancer.


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