Top Apps and Tools for Remote-Workers

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#1 - Focus

Focus is a time management app for iOS users allowing you to organize your time and use your time more efficiently. It will let you set time for work, fun and family time. You can divide your daily time into minute or hour-long schedules and intervals, and you can set time aside for 20-minute breaks in-between your work, in order to avoid putting too much stress on yourself and causing burn-out.

This app could help you minimise distractions and utilise your valuable time as efficiently as possible.

Focus has a beautiful and fluid interface which makes it even easier and more interesting for you. 

#2 - Time Tune

The Focus App equivalent for Android device users – with this app you can schedule and organize your time via setting different tasks at different times and following them through.

You can set time aside for rest and fun and get a report to analyse how well you are doing in managing your time and your life.

You can set your schedules and tasks to be repeated automatically and periodically, so it saves you some time for setting tasks daily from the beginning.

You can set reminders and alerts and customize all your activities.

#4 - Evernote

A physical notebook is a nice to have piece of stationery…Post-It notes could be very handy…but what do you do if you are constantly on-the-go and need to make notes quickly and easily and save them for a later date? You can’t really take 1,843 pieces of Post-Its and 25 notebooks with you wherever you go…however cute that they are!

With this free app, you can make quick notes and save them in various different formats such as text, image and audio, and can later take your notes with you anywhere in the world, without having to log inconveniently heavy or disorganised pieces of notes and notebooks with you!

You can organize your notes into different categories, create lists, record your meetings and interviews and share your notes with others, if you need to.

What’s even more awesome is that you can synchronize Evernote with your Remember the Milk app, to make life easier for yourself!

#5 - Hours Time Tracking

You may have difficulties putting your phone down or avoiding wasting time on different websites, apps and games. With Hours Time Tracking app you can time track all of your activities on your mobile devices. Keeping track of the time you spend on different websites and apps will help you get a better picture of what you need to do to reduce wastage of your time and you can allocate the time you have saved on more useful tasks such as your projects and spending time with family.

With features such as visual timelines, smart reminders and reporting, managing your time and reducing your digital distractions has never been easier.

#6 - Dropbox

Use this free app to store and keep safe all your files and folders that you would need to later upload on your Prolancer Workstream. You can easily transfer files from Dropbox to you Prolancer Workstream Assets, from anywhere and via any device – including your iPhone or Android Smartphones.

#7 - TimeTree

Working from home is very beneficial and rewarding and it could greatly enhance your work-life balance. So why not share your calendar with your family so that they know when you are busy and when you are free. It will help them avoid distracting you during your hours of work and you can easily set family-fun time aside to spend more time with you partner, kids, parents, etc…

#8 - Skype

By now you have most likely heard the name Skype for at least a hundred times. Well, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation…This app could help you keep on top of your communications with your team and you can chat in text, audio or video format, from anywhere in the world.

#9 - Slack

Slack is another messaging platform useful for teams. You can use this app to stay connected with your share, receive and preview files sent via this app. You can also use the app’s search functionality to find relevant messages that you have missed, previously. You can integrate this app with many other apps and tools via your digital devices.

You can communicate using the text and audio chat features.

#10 - Zoom

Zoom is another very useful tool for enterprise communications. You can schedule audio and video conferences, chats and webinars on your mobile and desktop devices. What is great about Zoom is that it is a Cloud-based platform with amazing security features that keep all your communications safe.

#10 - Microsoft Teams

A communication and collaboration tool developed by Microsoft to help you keep on top of your communications with your team, from around the world. It will help you set up audio and video meetings and conferences or communicate using the Instant Messaging feature.

One of the greatest features that MS Teams offers is that you can integrate this app with your Microsoft Office 365 subscription services to edit and save files in real-time and share these with your team; and you can also use the MS Outlook plugin to schedule and invite your team for online meetings.

If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can set up ‘channels’ using this app, and invite your team to join you in a conversation about different topics relating to your work or projects.

#11 - Discord

There is a misconception that Discord is only for Gamers - and that misconception could not be farther from the reality! 

Discord is a famous communication tool amongst software developers and programmers that allows you to keep in contact with your team using the app’s text, audio, image and video communication features. You can create chat channels and invite your team to join you in conversations about a specific topic. You can share files with your team or download files in various formats. 

#12 - Prolancer Project Management Tools

What better tool to help you keep on top of all your work-related activities than Prolancer’s own Project Management Tools? By having a Prolancer account, you can easily divide your project into different tasks and assign a team member to each task, you can monitor the progress of your project as well your project budget, you can upload your work and let your team members download files that you shared with them on the platform, you can raise invoices, and you can also get paid or even make secure payments via the same platform! 

To help you better organize your project tasks, you can divide tasks into different categories, such as On-Hold, In-Progress, Need Review, and Completed, and you (or a member of your team) can move tasks to different categories, as and when needed.

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