Top 5 tips for freelancers to be more focused & productive

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#1 – Tidy your work area – having a clear workspace will help you limit distractions and stay focused on your work. It will also help you find important notes, files, etc. much easier. Additionally, there are many studies that have shown that a decluttered workspace will immensely reduce our stress levels at work. So, go ahead and Kon Mari your workspace to stay more focused and productive.

#2 – Use time/task-management tools and apps – We have already discussed in a separate article how using apps and tools such as Focus, Time Tune, Hours Time Tracking and Time Tree will make it easier for you to organize your daily tasks and balance your professional work and personal life. You can create lists of your daily tasks and allocate times to each task. You can also create alerts for birthdays, events, etc. to ensure that you have set aside enough time for your personal life and that you don’t miss on any important life events. Using time/task-management apps will be very helpful in ensuring that you stay on top of your work as well as ensuring that you have allocated enough time for your daily, weekly and monthly routines such as grocery shopping and dentist appointments.

To stay on top of your projects however, you can use Prolancer’s own task-management tools on your Project Workstream. With the Prolancer’s task-management tools you can divide your project into different tasks and set different deadlines for each task. You can move tasks to different column – for example from the ‘On-hold’ column to ‘Need-Review’ to ensure that you know where you are! It will help you become more productive professionally, by helping you focus on the tasks at hand, and safeguarding enough time for each task to better ensure that your personal life doesn’t clash with your professional life and that you don’t miss on anything work or personal life-related.

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#3 – Create a relaxing work environment. We all function differently under different conditions…some of us can work better when we’re in a busy environment such as a coffee shop, while others feel most productive when they work in a quiet or ‘Zen’ environment. You might feel that surrounding yourself with beautiful fine art and status will make you feel better, or you might feel that a certain music style will help you relax and stay more focused. Whatever your preferences, fill your work environment with elements that make you feel most at ease, relaxed and productive. 

#4 – Take regular short breaks. Studies show that taking a short break in-between work (usually after every 20 minutes) will help you stay more productive and reduce the chances of burnout at work. Just taking a couple of minutes to stretch your feet and body or even getting a cup of coffee or tea will help you avoid feeling tired. You can focus better on your work and be more productive in what you do. 

#5 – Declutter your life! Reduce commitments…both in your professional and personal life! Having too many things on your plate (whether it’s too many projects that you decided to take on or too many life commitments) will make you feel stressed out and you are less likely to stay focused on one thing at a time. Your energy will be highly divided on different tasks and not focused enough on important things. Reducing these commitments will help you stay more focused both in your professional and personal life and will ensure that you stay more productive in your work and personal life.

8 months ago