Narrowing the gap between Academia and Industry

Narrowing the gap between Academia and Industry

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At Prolancer we want to bring businesses and academic experts together. Why?

Academics are well-versed in their fields (as you would expect), but the sector is far from economically secure. Many researchers now face short fixed term teaching contracts and uncertainty around their jobs. We believe one solution is to offer academics the opportunity to work on projects more closely aligned with the private sector, where projects can support greater economic security and flexibility.

Businesses need multi-disciplinary expertise to develop new technologies, and academics want to collaborate with the private sector to fund and apply their research. The connection between the two has often been lacking. To promote further collaboration between Academia and Industry, Prolancer has created a unique teamwork solution, specially designed to match experts from top universities with research and development projects.

Celebrating academic excellence

Prolancer provides a collaborative and efficient marketplace to connect and precisely match top-rated remote professionals and expert teams with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture. Our Academic Experts and Teams programme follows the same principles, but is aimed specifically at matching academics and researchers, rather than traditional freelancers, to remote business projects. 

The expertise and transferable skills developed through academic research and teaching are highly applicable to business settings. Academics can bring a new edge to businesses by providing services for research and development projects, grant applications, consultancy, training and mentoring. 

In return, academics will be fairly paid, build their network within industry, and work on cutting-edge projects in a commercial environment where funding requires less red tape.

Building expert academic teams

On Prolancer, academic experts from one or different universities can team up together and form an academic expert team to offer multidisciplinary services. 

Prolancer’s expert teams are made up Professors, Lecturers, Researchers and PhD candidates. Thanks to all projects being vetted, expert teams will be matched with large-scale projects and get notified about collaboration opportunities with leading businesses.

We’ve made this easier by developing Prolancer’s free ProToolkit, which helps talent manage workflow, timelines, communication and payment in one place.

Developing the skills of the next generation

To support the industry and academic experts of tomorrow, Prolancer also facilitates Student teams. Undergraduates and postgraduates can form teams of their own and earn money while gaining remote experience. The goal is to help students to stand out in a competitive job market by expanding their CVs and professional networks, while providing businesses with quality young talents to complete projects.

Great! What’s next?

By working together, businesses and academics can solve the challenges of today and tomorrow. Collaboration is better than competition.

If you’re an individual academic or want to form a team, it is free and easy to join Prolancer and create an academic team. Our relationship managers will then match the right teams or individuals with appropriate projects and notify you about potential collaboration opportunities. 

If you're a business, go to Find Experts and tell us what kind of expertise you're looking for. After that, our relationship managers will find, interview, and shortlist the top academic experts or teams for you.

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