How to create an awesome remote team?

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Building the right team is essential for the success of an idea or business. Here are our top 10 tips to help you build the most awesome remote team for your business or projects:

#1. Make sure you have the basic tools – Ensuring that you have the most basic tools for remote hiring and working is essential. These include a laptop or another suitable tech device that is in good working conditions, access to high-speed internet & a good Wi-Fi connection, essential apps such as Skype, Zoom, etc. for communications, and a well-written and professional profile on Prolancer!

#2. Pick a professional workspace – Ensure that you have a home office or another quiet space of your own choice (such as a professional co-working space), for your work and business. Operating your business from a quiet space helps you concentrate more on your work and appear more professional too (in case you need to schedule audio-chats with your team or even with us!) Make your home office tidy and organised – you don’t want to miss important stuff under piles of paperwork, bills, or kids’ toys! 

#3. Craft the perfect job description! – Draft a detailed and accurate job description. When you compose your job description, ensure that you include all the key requirements for the job before you click on the Post Job button! 

This includes clear descriptions about what the position entails, what is required of the freelancer, how long they are required to work on your project, how much you would like to pay them, whether it is a short or long term position, whether this is a fully or partially remote position, and any professional and vocational expertise and qualifications that you require of the potential candidates. This will ensure that the freelancer(s) applying for your job and who will be working with you in the future, are fully aware of your needs and the criteria and conditions of your job.

#4. Hire the right freelancer, or ask us to hire one for you! – Use either of our Outsource or Recruit services and we will assign a dedicated Relationships Manager to you who will take care of reviewing and selecting candidates for you. If you are unhappy with our initial selection, we will look for, and select a new and guaranteed candidate for you, at no extra cost.

To find out more about how we can find a suitable candidate for you, click here...

Alternatively, you may want to receive candidate proposals and select a suitable freelancer, yourself. There are a few important things to consider when hiring a remote freelancer: 

  • Expertise and experience
  • Level of Education
  • Language proficiencies 
  • Timezone(s)
  • Culture
  • And a professional portfolio of all the work they have completed (although this is not always a necessity, it is a nice and complementary addition to a freelancer’s profile – and it makes your life easier too when deciding who to hire)

Ensure that any potential candidate’s profile and/or portfolio matches all of your project requirements and criteria, as listed above.

#5. Master good time management skills – Managing your time effectively is essential for the success of your team and your work! We all need enough time for work, fun and rest. 

Ensure that you stay focused and organised – it will help your team stay focused and organized too, and it also helps them get things done on-time and with the most possible efficiency. Set clear and concise deadlines for each task in your Project Workstream on Prolancer! Ensure that you tick off any task that is complete, and reschedule any tasks that need redoing or an extension in time! We recommend that you also utilise useful free apps such as Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, or other apps to organise your work. 

Managing your time effectively not only helps you keep your work organised, it also reduces your stress levels as you can monitor the progress of your work as you go along, and you will not double-book yourself for anything during the week! 

#6. Communication, communication, communication! – Communicating with your team effectively is very essential in ensuring the team's success. You need to speak with your team regularly. Keep each other updated on any issues and talk about issues and problems, as soon as they appear. Also, be clear and not vague, with what you need them to do. If you are unhappy about something, tell them!

Always be open to feedback on your work. It helps you improve and be more effective in what you do! We suggest that you use the following communication methods, in this order of priority: 

  1. In-Person – Meeting with local freelancers once every week or when required/possible.
  2. Video call – Use free apps such as Zoom, Skype, …
  3. Voice call – Again use free apps such as Zoom, Skype, …
  4. Live chat – Via Slack, Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime, etc…
  5. Email – Use work email address 

#7. Give feedback – Let your team know what they’re doing well and where they need to improve. It helps them identify and work on their areas of weakness and also gives them the impression that you care about their success and professionalism as much as they care about your work and the success of your project. Constructive feedback often helps us build better relationships with each other. Just think of your current team of freelancers as a long-term asset that you can utilise for for your future project(s) too!

#8. Receive feedback! – Constructive feedback is a two-way road. You shouldn’t only give feedback; you must also be open in asking your team to give their feedback on your work too. 

Receiving feedback from the people you worked with helps you to keep doing what you are good at and improve on what you are not. In the longer term, receiving feedback will help you grow as a person and as a business too!

#9. Respect your team – and they will respect you too! One of the core signs of being a professional hirer is respecting those who work with you. 

If your team feels that you are a professional and respecting person, they will treat you and your work with care and respect too. For your team to be able to put their maximum effort into completing your job or project, they need to know that they are appreciated and valued for their efforts. 

#10. Be professional…at all times – If you agreed with a freelancer that you will pay them £45 an hour for their work, ensure that you pay them the exact amount and no less. If you set meetings at a certain date and time, ensure that you do not forget about it and that you are not late (without good reason), if you are asking a freelancer to complete a certain work with a specific description, don’t expect them to deliver more work than they have initially agreed to (without paying them for the extra work).

Following these rules and others alike, will ensure that your team recognises you as a reliable person, and they will reciprocate this in their work for you, too.

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