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Create academic teams & provide paid team-based services that are most needed by leading-edge businesses.

Expert Teams

Professors, Lecturers, PhDs & Researchers
Expert teams can:
  • Work on leading-edge R&D projects
  • Provide expert consultancy & advisory services
  • Apply for joint grants
  • Provide mentorship & trainings
Create Team - Free! – Invite fellow colleagues...

Student Teams

Postgraduate & Undergraduate Students
Student teams can:
  • Get paid for freelance projects or placements
  • Gain practical experience in your field of study
  • Access to remote job & Internship opportunities
  • Build portfolios – improve your prospects
Create Team - Free! – Invite fellow students...

How it works

1. Register - Free!

Sign up & complete your profile. Add expertise, skills, education and more. Share knowledge and be part of our community: post articles, tutorials and best examples of your work!

2. Create Teams

Team up with other professionals from your network and create Expert or Student academic teams; add your expertise and skill-set; showcase your talent and abilities.

3. Collaborate

Your dedicated relationship manager notifies you about opportunities to collaborate with leading-edge businesses on R&D Projects, Consultancy, Joint Grants or Training.

4. Get Paid - Secure

Get paid securely via Prolancer's escrow accounts. Payment options: bank transfer or PayPal. Access automated invoicing, receive secure payments for collaborative projects.

Create academic teams!

Solo outworkers can’t cope with complex projects alone… Prolancer's unique Team-Building Solution is now overlaid with Expert Academic Team Support.

Prolancer invites Professors, Lecturers, Researchers, Postgraduates and Undergraduates to provide paid team-based services that are most needed by leading-edge businesses.
  • Create your own bespoke team - Free!
  • Get paid for project work
  • Share knowledge with your team
  • Gain practical experience in your field of study
  • Build portfolios – improve your prospects
Create a team – Invite fellow colleagues...

This is just the start of creating the cutting-edge skills network needed for future marketplace success.

Find remote projects

See who’s out there hiring – whether it’s for full-time, part-time or freelance work – and collaborate with them on their assignment…

It can be lonely out there, relying on one-off projects and paying high commissions to agencies – especially when you don’t have a lot of commendations so far. We understand – we’ve been there too. So we offer you:
  • Better chance of getting hired
  • More of your hard-won earnings
  • Option to fly solo or work as a team
  • Genuinely flexible working
  • Better work/life balance

Workstreams for teamwork

Our dedicated team-based workstream has a bespoke set of tools that make collaboration a breeze – unlock your potential, immediately…

See how online remote working can be more efficient than you ever imagined. Control the whole process and benefit from:
  • Agile workflows
  • Budgetary control
  • Secure file sharing
  • Project management tools
  • Live chat & team channels
and so much more…
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What our customers say...

Paul Evans
CEO & Founder
Articulate XYZ Ltd
Excellent 5.0 out of 5

We had a very niche/specialist role to fill. We were struggling. It's difficult to get the right balance of expertise while being a start-up; but finding the specific skillset multiplied the issue.

The team at Prolancer were excellent. Firstly, they listened to our requirements (I'm amazed how many firms miss this step). Then they worked hard to clear out a lot of no-fit responses so we didn't waste time. They also pointed out when they believed a candidate was more than their CV might suggest. We ended up hiring a candidate we'd have otherwise passed up.

I'm very happy to write this testimonial, put simply they did a great job.

Why Prolancer?

  • Hirers & businesses

Connect better, hire faster and work smarter with amazing professionals

Post job for free

Post and receive curated proposals from the best talent around the world

Better job matching and filtering

Filter and match the right projects with the right talent using smart rule-based and proprietary AI-driven algorithms

Teamsourcing and teamwork

Choice to hire either individual freelancers or hire teams, or create bespoke teams with complementary skills

Project & budget management tools

Cloud project and budget management solution to accelerate and monitor team’s performance

Increased efficiency and productivity

All-in-one unified services to connect and work more efficiently with freelancers and virtual teams

  • Freelancers & contractors

Find a remote job or project that you'll love

Global clientele

Access to the world's top companies hiring remote professionals

Collaboration and networking

Create trusted virtual teams with multiple skill-sets and manage budgets, payments, and milestones

Better pricing and more chance of winning projects

Apply for projects as individuals or as part of a team. More chance of winning projects requiring multiple skills

Intelligent and rule-based matching

Intelligent job matching based on user geographic and demographic data, skill-set, ranking and reviews

Unique perks & benefits

Supporting you with real benefits such as healthcare, life insurance, perks and monitised rewards

At Prolancer, We Care...

See how Prolancer is making the world a better place!

Our commitment to sustainability

Prolancer connects real business needs with professional freelancers who can make a difference!

Prolancer offers a collaborative marketplace powered by advanced technologies to connect professionals with businesses in a success-driven and fair culture.

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