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professionals with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture.

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Prolancer connects businesses with vetted professionals, and ready-made expert teams from universities and leading businesses to remotely collaborate on projects, business consultancy, services and grants.

Our relationship managers find the prolancer most suited to your business based on skills, experience, and culture using smart algorithms and personal interviews.

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Join the Prolancer community and complete your profile to be matched to relevant projects that pay a fair wage for fair work.

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Established businesses, groups of academics and individual prolancers are invited to build prolancer teams to provide innovative and collaborative solutions to business projects, research & development, grants, consultancy and training.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the go to platform for getting projects professionally done by remote resource.

Our mission is to provide a collaborative and efficient marketplace to connect and precisely match top-rated remote professionals with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture.

We support projects and people through teamwork collaboration and continuous professional development.

Prolancer Team

Saman Nejad
Saman Aria-Nejad
CEO & Founder

Saman is a self-motivated entrepreneur with over 18 years experience making digital products from start to end and working cross-functionally with teams in enterprise, agency and start-up environments.

Sir Hossein Yassaie
Sir Hossein Yassaie

Sir Hossein Yassaie is a leading figure on the world technology stage with a deep belief in technological innovation and disruptions. He was the CEO of Imagination Technologies Plc until Feb 2016, where he created the highly successful silicon IP business.

Donato Cappiello
Donato Cappiello
Director, Engineering

Donato is a senior software engineer expert in development and delivery of high technology software products and solutions, improving operations and procedures to drive revenue and grow market share.

Adam Brace
Adam Brace
Head of Sales

Adam is a highly experienced and personable Sales and relationship specialist with many years experience within the tech industry with a high focus on delivering against clients requirements.

Eluert Mukja
Eluert Mukja
Lead Engineer

Eluert leads our globally distributed engineering team. He works closely with the Operations and Sales team to drive growth and ensure top-quality delivery. He specializes in SaaS development and implementing complex algorithms.

Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar
Senior Engineer

Kiran is a senior software engineer and passionate about technology. He is a strong team player and highly contributes in Prolancer’s technology development. Kiran leverages over fifteen years experience in providing technical services across different organisations.

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Prolancer offers a collaborative marketplace powered by advanced technologies to connect professionals with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture.

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