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Prolancer connects businesses with vetted professionals, and ready-made expert teams from universities and leading businesses to remotely collaborate on projects, business consultancy, services and grants.

Our relationship managers find the prolancer most suited to your business based on skills, experience, and culture using smart algorithms and personal interviews.

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Established businesses, groups of academics and individual prolancers are invited to build prolancer teams to provide innovative and collaborative solutions to business projects, research & development, grants, consultancy and training.

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Prolancer provides a collaborative and efficient marketplace to connect and precisely match top-rated professionals and teams with businesses in a modern, balanced and fair culture.

Prolancer supports projects and people through teamwork collaboration and continued professional development.

Prolancer promotes a fair wage for fair work.

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An ethical way to find the best remote resource to complete your projects.
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Create a team of other prolancers, your own employees or academic colleagues to be matched to larger projects.
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  • Help businesses grow and develop
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AI and ML, Electronics Systems, IoT, Machine Vison, AR and VR, Signal Processing, Robotics, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Networking, ...

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Software Development, Desktop Applications, iOS & Android Apps, Cloud Services, APIs & Integrations, Game Development, ...

Data Science & Analytics

Data Analysis, Data Sorting, DataOps, Data Research, Statistical Computing with R and Stata, Big Data, Mongodb, MySQL, Python, ...

Creative & Design

Digital Design (UI, UX), Branding, Graphic Design, Audio & Video Production, Animation, Photography, Creative Writing, ...

Business & Management

Administration, Accounting, Human Resources (HR), Legal Services, IP & Trademark, Project Management, Sustanibility & Environment, ...

Marketing & Sales

Public Relations (PR), SEO, CRM, Media Communications, Digital Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, ...

Health & Life Science

Health Economics, Medical Writing, Budget Impact Models, Systematic Reviews, Value Dossiers, HTA & Reimbursement, ...

Engineering & Science

Biomedical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Mathematics, Engineering Management, Biology, Physics, Pharmaceuticals, Astronomy, ...

Education & Training

Mathematics, Physics, Science, Art & Design, Computing, Technology, English, Bilingual Education, Teacher Trainings, E-Learning, ...

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What our customers say...

Paul Evans
CEO & Founder, Articulate XYZ Ltd
We had a very niche/specialist role to fill. We were struggling. It's difficult to get the right balance of expertise while being a start-up; but finding the specific skillset multiplied the issue.

The team at Prolancer were excellent. Firstly, they listened to our requirements (I'm amazed how many firms miss this step). Then they worked hard to clear out a lot of no-fit responses so we didn't waste time. They also pointed out when they believed a candidate was more than their CV might suggest. We ended up hiring a candidate we'd have otherwise passed up.

I'm very happy to write this testimonial, put simply they did a great job.
Ivor Annetts
Group Leader - IT & Development, TotalSim Ltd
TotalSim Limited are a specialist engineering consultancy and we used Prolancer to recruit a developer after months of unsuccessful interviewing.

Prolancer were able to identify a candidate that met our specific needs, and thanks to their curation, we only needed to interview this one candidate. Our hire has gone on to become a successful and valued member of the team.

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